EXCLUSIVE: Great ~ Falls Breakdown Debut EP ‘Negatives Into Positives’ track by track

There are great things to come from Melbourne indie quintet Great ~ Falls as they release their debut EP ‘Negatives Into Positives’, available now.

Finding their feet with two ear-catching singles ‘Custard Heart’ and ‘April’s Child’, Great ~ Falls demonstrates the strengths of their thriving dynamic with a striking debut collection on ‘Negatives Into Positives’.

“’Negatives Into Positives’” is a collection of songs about the complexities and intricacies of human relationships and finding the path to better understanding them,” the band says.

“The songs were developed over the past five years and reflect an attitude that we always hope to adopt.”

The band features lead vocalist and guitarist Lillian Albazi, Liam Moran on guitar, Daniel Tsang on violin, Sam Maher on drums and Jack Foy on bass.

Great ~ Falls gives an exclusive insight into the songs comprising the EP with this track-by-track breakdown of ‘Negatives Into Positives’.

Custard Heart

A three-minute love song devoted to always wearing your Custard Heart on your sleeve and staying gooey, warm, fuzzy, sweet, rich and child-like. Yum.

Navy Strength

An ode to surrendering, to grief, to the complexities of human relationships, to letting go, to the ocean in all its wonder and to a bottle of gin.

April’s Child

The by-product of many margarita nights being absurdly at ease in amongst chaos and admiring how goddamn gorgeous your mates are.

Drink It Hot

Have a cuppa, make sure that it is hot and turn your distortion pedals up until they melt your face off. Calmly sip tea. Rinse and repeat. Write a song.

Northside Dreaming

Sound the sirens, release the hounds and toll the bells. I hear a war cry.

‘Negatives Into Positives’ is available now. Click here for more about Great ~ Falls.


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