NEW MUSIC: ‘April’s Child’ by Great ~ Falls

Melbourne indie quintet Great ~ Falls present the first taste of their upcoming debut EP with the inspirational new single ‘April’s Child’.

‘April’s Child’ is an ode to female freedom that explores the complexities of human relationships and finding the path to better understand them.

“A dear friend of mine and I used to have quite regular margarita nights,” lead vocalist and guitarist Lillian Albazi says.

“They were wonderfully boozy summer nights with tequila-soaked conversation around art, feminism and navigating moving forwards in our two worlds and careers. One particular night we went out for Easter.

“The moon was so big and bright that evening and I remember turning around and seeing my friend lit up by the lunar light, both of us laughing like jackals at something absurd and thinking how beautiful she was standing there.

“April’s Child’s themes were written about that night – turning negatives into positives, female empowerment and always finding stability through unity no matter how much the boat may be sinking.

The track comes from ‘Negatives Into Positives’, Great ~ Falls’ debut EP due out Wednesday 22 March.

The band has teamed up with Director Francisco Mejia Flood to create beautiful and breathtaking visuals for the ‘April’s Child’ video clip.

Alongside Lillian, Great ~ Falls also features Liam Moran on guitar, Daniel Tsang on violin, Sam Maher on drums and Jack Foy on bass.

Great ~ Falls perform a headline show at The Retreat Hotel (Brunswick, Melbourne) Saturday 25 March with support from Diving Bell and Pearl Bay.

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