FROM THE ARCHIVE: Brian Wilson – Good & Bad Vibrations, 1988

A picture of Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys, singing into a microphone.

Welcome, music-loving reader, to the first in a series of long-form features on major artists retrieved from the archives of esteemed music journalist and vocalist for The Barracudas, Jeremy Gluck. Jeremy is the editor of SWND Magazine and a partner-in-crime at SWND Records with a steeped history in the music industry. MADCAP Global SWND (MGS)…

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Back In The Digital Age: Q&A With Welsh Wildboys Stickman

Words: Mike Kennedy [Guest Writer – Welsh Connections/SWND Records, Director | Oystermouth Radio – Presenter] Grown up and mature. Words that we never thought we’d use when talking about legendary South Wales pop-punk pioneers Stickman – and to be fair it’s a struggle even now! Despite line-up changes and fatherhood, the Llanelli rockers still play…

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FEATURE: Rock & Roll Queen Suzi Quatro – Seventies To Seventy

Words: Jeremy Gluck Guest Writer (Director, Welsh Connections/SWND Records – Musician – Artist) Coming up comfy in the suburbs of Ottawa – at that time still loveably pocket-sized – at fifteen, haunting the deletion bins of the record stores downtown one day began a strange manifestation. Out of nowhere, usually for 99 cents each –…

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Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night Discuss Their New Album ‘Nature’s Light’ With Michael Kennedy

Words: Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night with Mike Kennedy Take an escape to nature with ‘Nature’s Light’, the new album from Blackmore’s Night. Blackmore’s Night is the musical pairing of founding Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night, a talented lyricist and musician. As well as sharing a life together, they also…

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In Memory Of Guitarist Dion Hirini

Words: Matt Innes The music industry is mourning the loss of guitarist Dion Hirini, who passed away unexpectedly last week. Dion had been on tour with Row Jerry Crow band and passed away from a heart condition while travelling home from one of the shows in regional Victoria on 12 March. Born in New Zealand…

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FEATURE: A Tribute To The Late & Great Michael Gudinski

Mushroom Records founder Michael Gudinski.

Words: Matt Innes The sudden passing of Australian music industry icon and founder of Mushroom Records Michael Gudinski has left a gaping hole in many hearts. Michael reportedly passed away peacefully in his sleep overnight [1 March], at the age of 68. To those who knew him personally, Michael was a cunning entrepreneur, earning the…

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FEATURE: The Unearthing Of Lecia Louise

Words: Matt Innes Success doesn’t come easily as an independent artist, but the hard work is paying off for Queensland singer-songwriter Lecia Louise. Lecia’s latest single, ‘My Everything’ has found its way to the top of the triple J Unearthed charts across all genres. “I was pretty excited,” Lecia says. “It was in the charts…

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FEATURE: Pink’s Not Dead – An Interview With Femmebug


Words: Jeremy Gluck Guest Writer (Director, Welsh Connections/SWND Records – Musician – Artist) Given the self-declared propensity for “glittery goodness” of Femmebug – the alter ego of Swansea-born Caitie Inson – perhaps it’s not a coincidence that her debut EP ‘Comfortable Place’ was released on 14 February, the alter ego of Valentine’s Day. “My future…

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