Top 10 Songs To ‘Sook’ To Courtesy Of The Sooks

Top 10 Songs To 'Sook' To

Western Sydney indie rock quartet The Sooks have released their brand new single ‘Burn Me Out’, a melodic ode to alienation and frustration.

To celebrate the new track, The Sooks have compiled their top 10 favourite songs to sook to, be it a rainy day, Monday or any other day ending in Y.

Top 10 Songs To ‘Sook’ To by The Sooks

‘Liquorlip Loaded Gun’ by Sticky Fingers

This song is just so good and so sad. Love the part when the bass and drums come in in that second verse.

‘Rolling Stone’ by The Terry’s

Listened to this song the day it came out and it hit me right in the feels. Such a good song and love the part when that big chorus comes in at the end.

‘Somebody that I Used to Know’ by Gotye

I know it’s been overplayed over the years, but honestly, it’s just a really catchy and good pop song. I vividly remembering watching the music video when I was like, 8 and I’ve liked it ever since.

‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ by The Smiths

A melancholic classic by the best Manchester band. This song is so perfect in every way, from Johnny Marr’s arpeggios to Morrissey’s woeful lyrics – everything just comes together so well.

‘Cellphone’ by Old Mervs

First heard this song when listening to a random playlist of Aussie indie rock songs. Got a mad catchy chorus and I couldn’t stop singing along with it.

‘French Press’ by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Love this song. This was my most streamed song on Spotify last year so yeah, I reckon it has a real groovy and laid-back feel to it.

‘Streets Of Your Town’ by The Go Betweens

One of my favourite songs. Not really sure what it’s about haha, but i really like the melody, guitar parts and the backing vocals.

‘Shoot You Down’ by The Stone Roses

This is a super underrated song from The Stone Roses’ first album. When I first heard it I thought I was listening to some lo-fi indie song from the early 2000s. Mad drums and really chill guitar lines, real good stuff.

‘Why Are Sunday’s So Depressing’ by The Strokes

My favourite track of the Strokes new album. The guitar part at the start is so juicy and crisp, and yeah, just a great song.

‘Roman Holiday’ by Fontaines DC

Love this song. The lyrics are great and that drum beat is really sick. Our favourite of the new Fontaines album for sure.

‘Burn Me Out’ by The Sooks is available now.

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