Roadies Retreat Fundraiser Concert Review October 2022

It was an evening of mateship and music at the Roadies Retreat fundraiser concert held in Brisbane over the weekend (22 October).

A vibrant crowd braved torrential rain to show their love and support for Roadies Retreat, a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing care and support services for Australian production personnel experiencing financial and personal hardship.

The fundraiser concert featured live music from TR3VOR, Aether, Lemon & Tangerine, Bunnings & Bottle Ho’s and Container Presidents. Hellenic Smallgoods also supported the cause with a delicious spread of authentic Greek cuisine.

Overall, the event raised approximately $6000 for Roadies Retreat, with all proceeds going towards improving quality of life for roadies through housing and self-care initiatives.

Australian roadies are among the most vulnerable demographic in the global music industry, experiencing a disproportionately high rate of poverty, homelessness, and suicide reflected nowhere else in the world.

Roadies Retreat was created as a co-operative living community where ageing stagehands can have a safe environment to live and work as independently and socially as they are able.

It’s a world-first concept and the brainchild of Dee Dimmick and her husband Emmanuel Economidis, the owners of All Access Crewing. All Access is a Brisbane-based company that has supplied production personnel to the entertainment industry since 1995.

Dee Dimmick - Crew Chief and Managing Director of All Access Crewing.

Dee Dimmick – Crew Chief and Managing Director of All Access Crewing.

Having seen firsthand how poorly roadies were treated and the conditions they were forced to endure when their careers ended, All Access has been the driving force behind Roadies Retreat.

Roadies truly are the backbone of our live music industry, committed to ensuring the show always goes on, often at the expense of their health and well-being.

As the Australian live music industry struggles to regain its pre-COVID glory as a top-tier touring destination for both domestic and international acts, it’s essential to maintain a healthy and well-cared-for workforce of professional stagehands and technicians.

For more information about Roadies Retreat and how you can help, visit the Roadies Retreat Inc homepage here.

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