New Music: ‘Time’ by IRFXXN

Image: Aiz

The hits keep coming from Sydney R&pop artist IRFXXN with his latest track ‘Time’.

‘Time’ builds on the strong foundation of IRFXXN’s impactful 2022 debut ‘Latest Song’, confirming his newfound status of rising global star.

A song about the “unheard and unsaid”, ‘Time’ is an introspective offering that IRFXXN describes as accessible for anyone who has ever struggled to communicate and engage with a significant other.

“It’s something almost every relationship can relate to, those times where you wish you could do more, and everything seems to weigh you down,” IRFXXN says.

“Sometimes you just need to let it out, but as easy as that sounds is just how difficult it is. When you’re completely devoted to someone and all you want to do is make it work, being the only one that feels like they’re putting in the effort is probably one of the worst things you can feel in life.

“Even though you know the relationship will work because of all the effort you’re giving to it, you know that it’s only happening because of how hard you are working and how little effort the girl is giving.”

For fans of Drake, Tory Lanez, Brent Faiyaz and even Bryson Tiller, ‘Time’ threads darker R&B tones together with fresh pop and alternative influences, perfectly buoying IRFXXN’s naturally inviting and charismatic flow.

An artist of the modern age, IRFXXN has tactfully harnessed the power of TikTok to promote his music, racking up over 122k views for ‘Time’ in just 12 hours.

Pairing immense talent with social media savvy has proved a sound strategy for IRFXXN as he works to develop a full body of work throughout 2023.

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