New Music: ‘Learning Futures’ EP by Franjapan

Image: Jontee Jangton

Melbourne’s Franjapan drop their freshly minted EP ‘Learning Futures’, solidifying their graduation from high school upstarts to a certified indie rock sensation.

The ‘Learning Futures’ EP brings together indie rock and 2000’s-era Britpop influences with a deep dive into the throws of youth.

“The EP ‘Learning Futures’ was written throughout 2022 between a hatful of songs we tried and tested, shelving the ones that didn’t resonate the most with us,” the band explains.

“We were collectively thrilled with the final five to make the EP, having played them at shows throughout the year and receiving some exciting responses from the crowd.”

Franjapan have been forging a unique path with their self-driven ethos and refreshingly cheeky presence. From lunchtime jam sessions at high school to dominating local stages, Franjapan have developed into a fully-functioning live and recording unit.

“The name itself came from our high school where we all met and found a shared love for music,” the band says.

“‘Learning Futures’ was the name of a mandatory class every year eight students had to take. not sure it taught much about what a fourteen year old might expect for their future, though it’s a cool name.”

Artwork by Spencer O’Leary

Kicking off with singer Spencer Ward’s warm and enticing vocals, ‘Learning Futures’ begins with shimmering guitars glistening over a grooving rhythm section in ‘Choo Choo’. ‘Lucy’ follows, allowing listeners to reminisce on nights spent with hazy eyes and fuzzy heads.

‘Rather Lay Awake’ is an emotive and haunting track that builds as Ward’s musings progress, rounding out with soaring lead lines from guitarist Dennis Sehovic.

‘Showtime’ is a slam back into upbeat tempos & great vibes, with the lively rhythms and twangy guitars picking up the pace, The EP wraps with dance-driven and celebratory track ‘Stonewall’.

‘Learning Futures’ is out now. Visit beehive PR for more about Franjapan.

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