News: QMusic Put On Notice By National Publisher

L-R: CEO Kris Stewart, President & Chair Natalie Strijland, Board Member Aaron Dahl. Image: Scenestr

Queensland’s key music body QMusic has been put on official notice for how it awards prestigious media contracts and partnerships.

Howard Duggan is the Managing Director of Eyeball Media, which publishes national street press titles scenestr and FROOTY. He has issued a scathing report condemning specific members of the QMusic Board, specifically CEO Kris Stewart, President and Chair Natalie Strijland for inequitable decision-making and clear internal bias when awarding media contracts and partnerships for high-profile events such as the Queensland Music Awards (QMAs) and the BIGSOUND music conference, among other grievances.

Read the full statement here. 

Mr Duggan’s statement details a long history of these concerns being raised with QMusic, providing a concise chronology of events and recording the taxpayer-funded organisation’s failure to provide a sufficient response. It alleges that an environment of cronyism and favouritism operates within QMusic, where ‘plum’ media agreements have been unilaterally given to preferred players that hold personal favour with members of the QMusic board.

This behaviour has put a stranglehold on what is already a tight-knit local music industry in Brisbane and has severely limited opportunities for media outlets and other vendors that fall outside QMusic’s favour.

MADCAP Global stands in support of Mr Duggan’s condemnation of QMusic and echoes the call for systemic change to be made in order to create a more balanced and equitable playing field.

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