New Music: ‘Killerbites’, Marcus Wynwood

Tasmanian alt-rock artist Marcus Wynwood artfully blends post-punk, indie rock and power pop on his new EP ‘Killerbites’.

‘Killerbites’ is a dynamic record comprising a blissfully chaotic set of tracks that showcases Marcus’ breadth as a songwriter and performer, weaving catchy lyrics and melodies with powerful riffage.

“’Killerbites’ is a collection of songs that cover a range of emotions I’ve experienced over the last few years. The “killer” are the feels, and the “bites” are the songs,” Marcus explains.

“The EP aims to explore themes we’ve all experienced in our lives; thoughts we’ve all had or feelings we’ve all felt – all through my own lens. Some of the songs have been around for a couple of years, and some are only weeks old, but they all explore ideas ranging from self-doubt and helplessness; to resilience and strength; to searching for meaning and having optimism for the future. I hope you enjoy these ‘Killerbites’, and you find your own meaning in them – I hope they mean something to you as they do me.”

From the existential sense of uncertainty found on lead single ‘Simulation’ to the burning desire to start over regardless of what’s thrown at you delivered on ‘Don’t Give Up’, or the feeling of wanting to recapture that long-gone teenage angst described on ‘Another Coffee’, Marcus has captured a poignant snapshot of his personal experiences with ‘Killerbites’.

“Most of the songs started out as ideas played on my acoustic guitar and recorded as Voice Memos on my phone,” he says.

“I always keep my phone handy just in case. The next step was to sift through these ideas and find any good bits. I really enjoy the song writing process and recording and producing. The EP was recorded in my home studio in Penguin, lutruwita (Tasmania), and I played all the instruments. The tracks were recorded over about a year, mixed by me, and then mastered by the amazing Samuel K Sproull (The Getaway Plan, Bodyjar).”

‘Killerbites’ is available now. Visit beehive pr for more about Marcus Wynwood.

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