New Music: ‘I Am Not Myself’ Hotel Mira

Photo: Lindsey Blane

Canadian alt-rock quartet Hotel Mira embrace the power of change on their transformative new full-length album ‘I Am Not Myself’.

Released via Light Organ Records, ‘I Am Not Myself’ is a self-reflective, semiautobiographical contemplation of identity. Across 12 tracks, the album reveals a fascinating insight into the psyche of Hotel Mira vocalist Charlie Kerr, who wrote the majority during a period of great personal change and uncertainty.

“I think that there is value to expressing unsavoury things about oneself and peeling away shame,” Charlie says.

“If this music has a purpose, I think it’s to show people how engulfed by shame we are, and how universal that is to the human experience. By pinpointing my own, hopefully people are more forgiving of theirs.”

Following the success of their 2020 breakthrough release ‘Perfectionism’ and its honest take on mental health and personal struggles, Hotel Mira toured extensively and built a global following of devoted fans.

Accompanying the release of ‘I Am Not Myself’ is an exclusive bonus track just for Australian fans, ‘Waste Away’. A poignant tribute to those who have experienced domestic abuse, the track explores a topic that hits close to home for far too many people, including members of the band.

“‘Waste Away’ tells the story of domestic abuse. The tendency to blame oneself. The confusion and backwards way we justify abusive behaviour,” Charlie explains.

The way things can escalate slowly over time in a way that we don’t recognize until it’s too late. And of course, trying to gather the courage to leave a partner and the very real threat of violence if you do. It is a love letter to the courage and resilience of survivors – me and close friends included.”

‘Become What You Are’, the new album from The Daisycutters is available now via MADCAP Global Music, JB Hi-Fi and independent music retailers.

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