NEW MUSIC: Chloe: The Brand Releases New Single ‘Co-Star’

Dreamy synth-pop artist Chloe: The Brand explores themes of incompatibility and astrology on new track ‘Co-Star’.

“I wrote ‘Co-Star’ about a girl I was seeing (very) casually in my first semester of Uni,” Chloe explains.

Listen to Chloe: The Brand and her new track ‘Co-Star’ here.

“I would try to justify her lack of communication – ‘she has a Capricorn moon!’ I couldn’t admit to myself that she just didn’t like me very much.”

The introspective sound and relatable lyricism Chloe: The Brand is known for has been perfectly captured in ‘Co-Star’.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Samuel K Sproull (Eliza & The Delusionals, Tulliah, Japanese Wallpaper), ‘Co-Star’ is the sound of a vibrant young artist taking form.

“I’m a big fan of hyperpop music and this definitely inspired me in the studio,” Chloe says.

“I fell in love with the vocoder chorus as soon as I heard it. The glitchy-synth-sound feels so me.”

Chloe: The Brand is excited to perform ‘Co-Star’ at their first-ever headline show at The Workers Club in Fitzroy (VIC) on Thursday 11 May.

“As a queer artist, I have always looked up to femme and gender-diverse musicians,” Chloe says.

“I am in the process of curating a line-up which is diverse, and femme fronted. I cannot wait to share everything I’ve been working on.”

In the meantime, Chloe: The Brand has meticulously curated an exclusive Spotify playlist aligned with ‘Co-Star’ featuring 12 songs related to each star sign in the Zodiac and how they resonate with Chloe.

Aries: Be Careful With Yourself – Julia Jacklin

As a Virgo sun, ‘Be Careful With Yourself’ feels like a love letter to my Aries friends. “Please stop smoking, want your life to last a long time. If you don’t stop smoking, I’ll have to start, shorten mine”.

Leo: So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings – Caroline Polachek

This song was definitely written about a Leo sun. No one can make you “cry on the dance floor” like a Leo can.

Sagittarius: Need to Know – Doja Cat

When a Sagittarius walks into a room it feels like a Doja Cat song has just come on at a house party. Sagittarius suns are fair-minded, flirty, and fun.

Libra: Love! – Hallie

This one feels obvious. Libras love love and I love Libras. “Today everything is hazy. All I know is I’m crazy. Oh, in love, I love you, baby”.

Aquarius: ALIEN – Nick Ward

Aquarius suns are the outsiders of the zodiac and ‘ALIEN’ is all about not fitting in. This song reminds me of ten-year-old Chloe and feeling out of place in a room. I hold Nick Ward’s lyricism very close to my heart.

Gemini: boythots – daine

Everytime I hear ‘boythots’ by daine, I feel deeply connected to my Gemini rising. Geminis are conversationalists and this track definitely has a lot to say.

Listen to the playlist here.

Capricorn: Be the Player, Not the Poet – Phoebe Go

This song reminds me of therapy and every person with a Capricorn placement needs to see a therapist. Don’t rationalise every feeling you experience. It’s not healthy.

Taurus: Full machine – Gracie Abrams

If I’m a shameless caller, Taurus suns are a full machine. They’re stubborn but they also know how to protect their own energy. I am eternally grateful for my Taurus moon.

Virgo: this is me trying – Taylor Swift

This is potentially the most Virgo coded song ever written. When Taylor wrote ‘this is me trying’ she had me in mind.

Cancer: Emily I’m Sorry – boygenius

It feels like a cop out to give Cancers the “I’m sorry” song, but I had to put this one in somewhere. It is so Cancer to apologise via song.

Scorpio: Memories – Conan Gray

‘Memories’ has such a Scorpio intensity to it. I imagine that dating a Scorpio would feel the way the way this song sounds.

Pisces: forever – Charli XCX

All my pisces friends love Charli XCX and I love all my pisces friends. Pisces (women) are so creative and empathetic, “I’ll love [them] forever”.

‘Become What You Are’, the new album from The Daisycutters is out now via MADCAP Global Music, JB Hi-Fi and independent music outlets.

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