New Music: ‘2 Bucks A Litre’ by CaelWhip

Sunshine Coast rapper and emcee CaelWhip lets loose on the rising costs of living with his fired-up new single ‘2 Bucks A Litre’.

It arrives as a fresh hit of Aussie hip hop, showing off CaelWhip as a talented wordsmith and emcee with a knack for blending traditional and contemporary sounds into his own mindful concoction.

“‘2 Bucks A Litre’ is my take on the rising costs and pressures of modern life,” CaelWhip explains.

“I use my music and writing as an output a lot of the time. I was at home listening to beats; nothing was really working out, and through my frustration I just started yelling: “two bucks a litre, I’m trying to keep up”, which made me laugh at its catchiness. I just continued capturing that energy and wrote this track (and my next release) all in one.”

The track is the follow-up to CaelWhip’s popular 2022 release ‘I Don’t Wanna Work’ and was recorded in his home studio, working with producer rūku to construct the beat.

Pairing poignant, timely social issues with sharp lyricism and top-notch production, CaelWhip continues to build his presence as one-to-watch in the East Coast hip hop community.

‘2 Bucks A Litre’ is out now. Contact Beehive PR for more information about CaelWhip.

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