Lights On The Hill Memorial Convoy

The annual Lights On The Hill Trucking Memorial and convoy took place over the weekend of 1-2 October, honouring the lives given to keep Australia moving.

Without trucks, Australia stops. Thousands of hardworking truckies take to the road every day, travelling countless kilometres to deliver essential goods across the country.

Unfortunately, not all of them make it back home to their families and friends. Trucking is regarded as one of Australia’s deadliest industries and truck-related road fatalities regularly contribute to the annual national road toll.

The Lights On The Hill Memorial is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to honouring the memory of fallen truckers and recognising their service to the country. The physical Memorial Wall is situated in Lake Apex Park, Gatton as a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifices made to securing Australia’s fragile supply chain.

Each year, the Lights On The Hill convoy travels from Toowoomba and Brisbane to Gatton Showgrounds in a moving tribute to truckies who have lost their lives on the job. This year resulted in a spectacular turnout, with a record number of trucks participating in the convoy and thousands of spectators lining streets and highways to watch.

The Lights On The Hill Memorial Wall and annual convoy serves as a solemn reminder of the essential role truckies play in Australia’s integrated transport network. There is barely a product or consumable item available for sale in this country that wasn’t moved by truck at some point.

Between the long distances, tight deadlines and high expectations, it is a job with little room for error. When things do go wrong, it is often fatal. This year, 59 names were added to the Lights On The Hill Memorial Wall.

To find out more about Lights On The Hill or take part in next year’s convoy, visit their Facebook page.

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