Harvest time! New Music Now Available

Words: Matt Innes

It’s Spring in Australia. A glorious two weeks (if we’re lucky) when flowers bloom and people are bearable before the scorching heat of Summer ruins it for everyone. It’s also a great time for new music, of which MADCAP Global SWND Entertainment has plenty.

Like a bountiful harvest, MADCAP Global SWND Entertainment has procured some of the finest new music coming out of Wales.

From singer-songwriters to blazing indie rock, a fine selection of new music has landed on our platter and we just can’t wait to share it with you.

The Vulcan Straight

From mid-Wales and the borders come The Vulcan Straight (not to be confused with the Vulcan nerve pinch, completely different). A guitar-based pop/rock duo comprised of Dave Findley and Mark Reynolds, The Vulcan Straight have released their self-titled debut album, a record from which you cannot simply ‘Walk Away’.


Kaysha Louvain

Nobody does it like Kaysha Louvain. Emotive lyrics and intriguing composition draw the listener into Kaysha’s new EP, featuring the tracks ‘Nobody Does It Like Me’ and ‘Gold Dust Woman’. Surrender yourself to the haunting lyrics and deft musicianship of a country-pop icon in the making.



We did a poll, and if you don’t like Stickman there is definitely something wrong with you. The South Wales pop-punk heroes return with ‘Back In The Digital Age’, reinvigorated by new members. The police might not arrest them anymore, but their music is on our ‘Most Wanted’ list year-round.


Laura Jazmyn

South Wales singer-songwriter Laura Jazmyn unleashes her debut ‘Ride Or Die’, influenced by Amy Winehouse and Joria Smith. The half-dozen songs gracing this accomplished debut herald a new Welsh female artist with mainstream appeal rooted in a precocious ability.



Pink’s not dead; glittery indie-pop goddess Femmebug is the living embodiment of it. Following the lo-fi hi-concept punk-pop of her SWND ‘Comfortable Place’ EP, Femmebug gives us her second release ‘Lost My Mind’, featuring the title track and B-side ‘Unlearn’. Also available on vinyl.


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