Harvest time! New Music Now Available

Words: Matt Innes It’s Spring in Australia. A glorious two weeks (if we’re lucky) when flowers bloom and people are bearable before the scorching heat of Summer ruins it for everyone. It’s also a great time for new music, of which MADCAP Global SWND Entertainment has plenty. Like a bountiful harvest, MADCAP Global SWND Entertainment…

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Laura Jazmyn: Ride or Die

Laura Jazmyn EP Cover

Words: Jeremy Gluck [Editor @ MADCAP Global SWND Magazine] Laura Jazmyn, only just 18, is SWND’s discovery of early 2021, a remarkably gifted young singer-songwriter from South Wales. Catching the ears of SWND as the long sleep of lockdown was lifting, her SWND Records debut ‘Ride or Die’ comprises six new, original tracks recorded by…

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Feature: Little Big Man – An Interview With Phil Little

Words: Mike Kennedy [Guest Writer – Welsh Connections/SWND Records, Director | Oystermouth Radio – Presenter] The word ‘legend’ is used too freely these days but as a drummer there are a few drummers that I would class in that category. There’s Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner, Billy Cobham and Ringo – but one drummer in particular…

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FEATURE: We’ve Come to Steal Your Energy – The Job Interview

We've Come To Steal Your Energy Band Photo

Words: Jeremy Gluck Guest Writer (Director, Welsh Connections/SWND Records – Musician – Artist) Yes, you read that correctly. Our good friend at SWND Records in Wales, Jeremy Gluck has gone above-and-beyond in his latest music journalism escapade. Shunning the ho-hum, standard Q&A format foisted upon bands, dear Jeremy presented Welsh band We’ve Come To Steal…

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FEATURE: The Cosmic Array – No Country For Spacemen

Words: Matt Innes Somewhere in this vast universe of ours there is a point where sci-fi and country music meet, and it is called The Cosmic Array. The Cosmic Array are a Welsh band formed by Paul Battenbough (ex. No Thee, No Ess) and Huw Rees (ex. Rag Foundation, King Of Despair) in late 2012.…

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