Five Great Star Wars Music Moments That Aren’t In The Films

It’s Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you!

When ‘Star Wars’ premiered in 1977, it became an instant  global phenomenon that has inspired countless musical compositions, tributes and parodies.

Composed by John Williams, the music of Star Wars remains one of its defining features. From the main theme to Darth Vader’s signature ‘Imperial March’ and the ever-enduring Cantina song (‘Mad About Me’) that never fails to raise a smile, the film score is a beloved pop-culture artefact.

To celebrate Star Wars Day, we take a look at five Star Wars-inspired moments in music that you won’t hear in the films or television series.

Star Wars Theme (Disco Remix)

Domenico Monardo is an American producer and composer known as Meco. In 1977, he released an album called ‘Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk’ after seeing the film (multiple times) on opening day and becoming somewhat obsessed. The record featured the music of Star Wars remixed as disco tracks, and the funked-up main theme became a certified platinum smash-hit on the dancefloor that dominated the Billboard top 100 for two weeks. Check out the video below for some truly out-of-this-world dance moves. Pew pew!

Fett’s Vett – MC Chris

This little hip hop gem by MC Chris from 2001 was inspired by everyone’s favourite hunter-for-hire, Boba Fett. It takes a keen ear to pick up all the Star Wars references MC Chris weaves into his spitfire verses. The song popped up in the 2008 Kevin Smith rom-com ‘Zac and Miri Make a Porno’ and has found a cult following among both listeners and Star Wars fans.

The Empire Strips Back

Forget Light and Dark, this luscious Star Wars-themed burlesque show is all about the sexy side of the Force. Created by lifelong Star Wars and burlesque fan Russall Beattie, The Empire Strips Back features the most seductive Stormtroopers and juicy Jedis this side of Tatooine in a striptease spectacular that is guaranteed to get your lightsabre humming.

That Guy Dressed As Darth Vader

You know times are tough when you catch Darth Vader busking on the streets of Melbourne trying to earn money for a new Death Star. In 2018, a video appeared online of a bloke dressed as Darth Vader jamming ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine. The Imperial Bass Player aka Funky Bunny went viral with millions of views and became a legend of the galaxy.

Weird Al ‘The Saga Begins’

Who better than the Milky Way’s greatest musical satirist to give his signature twist to a modern classic? Best known for his mostly food-themed parody songs, Weird Al Yankovic pulled a Jedi move in 1999 when ‘The Phantom Menace’ was released, with his Star Wars-inspired take on Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’. In ‘The Saga Begins’, Weird Al manages to lampoon two American classics with hilarious aplomb.

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