Five Aussie Artists Joey Sachi Wants To Collab With

Image: Yuto Kudo

Tokyo-based Sydney artist Joey Sachi has made an enamouring introduction with her debut track ‘Fractured’.

Released in August, ‘Fractured’ is an immersive hit of electronic-tinged pop music that allow Sachi’s pristine vocals to take centre stage.

Here, Joey presents her dream bill featuring five Australian artists she adores and would love to collaborate with.


It’s always been a dream of mine to write a song with the iconic Sia. Her unparalleled songwriting prowess would elevate my songs to new heights.

The Presets

An exceptional duo who decisively carved out a sound of their own on the Australian electronic music scene. I’d be interested in collaborating to weave a feminine voice into their signature vocal sounds in the one song.

Sarah Aarons

Sarah Aarons is immensely talented. I often find myself drawn to a mix of songs and as soon as I explore who is credited as the writer, her name is almost always there.

Mild Minds

I have always loved Mild Minds, I have a strong instinctive feeling that creatively he and I would align. His sounds are so unique and emotionally evocative for me personally. I initially fell in love with his production when I heard his track ‘VIEWS,’ I had it permanently on repeat.

Rüfüs Du Sol

Rüfüs Du Sol holds such a special place in my heart. Their songs transport me immediately back to some of the most pivotal points in my life thus far. To collaborate with them would be one of my greatest dreams coming to fruition.

‘Fractured’ is available now. Visit Beehive PR for more about Joey Sachi.

Become What You Are’, the new album from The Daisycutters is available now via MADCAP Global Music, JB Hi-Fi and independent music retailers.

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