Album Review: Demon Tea Recordings ‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir’









By: Matt Innes

Demon Tea Recordings prove yet again why they are the ultimate in subversive, mind-expanding electronic music.

‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir ’ is a collection of goa, break and psy trance that lives up to both the album’s name, and Demon Tea’s reputation. Shift Cognition sets the tone for the record with the pulsing break beats in opening track, ‘Spirit Of Spider’.

Demon Tea favourites, Odd Harmonic also return with a triptych of psychedelic soundscapes on tracks ‘Manic’, ‘Mexican Revolutionary’ and ‘Nosilis’. Originally released in 1998 and again in 1999 due to high international demand, ‘Oozie Goodness’ is a rare delight in a record market overrun by commercially produced releases. Its underground popularity is surpassed only by the quality of genre-defying tracks which guarantee a filled and fiery dancefloor.

As a time capsule for a bygone era of dance music, the album serves as an important artefact, conjuring images of overcrowded warehouse raves and sweaty house parties. The only drawback is that with just 11 tracks, the record feels far too short; still, with no song clocking in under four minutes in length, rest assured it is a cosmic trip nonetheless.

Also featuring two tracks from Aumphibian and contributions from Sci Republic, Tweek, Cush and Automatic Tribal Machine, ‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir’ is a pure gem of a record.

Enthralling, heart-stopping and completely addictive, this elixir is more than an album – it’s a recipe for life itself.

‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir’ is available now through MADCAP Records.

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