Remembering Renée Geyer

Renowned Australian singer Renée Geyer has passed away, aged 69.

Renée died after complications following hip surgery. She was suffering from inoperable lung cancer.

Mushroom Group released a statement lauding Renee’s incredible career and the legacy she created as one of Australia’s finest soul and jazz singers.

“Renée lived her life as she performed – on her own terms and to the fullest,” the statement reads.

“Beloved and respected, she was a force of nature and a national treasure, and her passing leaves a giant void in the Australian music industry.”

Renée Geyer’s career spans five decades, 15 studios albums and a cavalcade of awards and honours for her achievements.

Renée possessed a unique vocal talent as well as a commanding presence both on and off the stage that earned her the reputation of being a ‘difficult woman’.

It was a badge she wore with pride, titling her 1994 album ‘Difficult Woman’ and her 2000 autobiography ‘Confessions Of A Difficult Woman’.

In song she could break your heart; in press interviews, she could tear you a new one – you’ll always remember that one time when Renée Geyer cussed you out, trust me.

Read an interview with Renée Geyer from 2019.

But being unafraid to speak her mind or ruffle some feathers was also part of Renée Geyer’s dynamic charm.

Ultimately, it was her fiery nature that allowed her to persevere in the patriarchal domain of the music industry during a time when label executives preferred female vocalists to sing the songs, look pretty and otherwise stay quiet.

Ironically, in 1974 Renée achieved commercial success with her second album ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s World’, which was originally sung by famed singer/misogynist James Brown. From then on, it was Renée’s world.

Renée Geyer leaves behind a proud legacy of determination and defiance that will continue to inspire new generations of artists to define their own paths through the perilous music industry.

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