NEWS: US singer-songwriter and producer SHEMUWEL joins MADCAP GLOBAL MUSIC

The Warrior heeds the call to duty. The Warrior never surrenders.

Who is The Warrior?


Armed with knowledge and fortified by inner-strength attained through years of rigorous self-discipline, producer-at-arms SHEMUWEL is a multi-faceted creative force with which to be reckoned.

SHEMUWEL is Miami-based singer, songwriter and producer who creates prophetically empowering music that taps into people’s energy source and guides them lovingly towards pure dance freedom.

Born in Southern California to a deeply religious military family, SHEMUWEL inherited two things from his mother, a true believer, and his father who served in the Armed Forces: a deep connection to his faith and the natural spirit of a guardian. The latter lead him to enlist in the United States Navy where SHEMUWEL proudly served his country, attaining the rank of Seaman E-3 before pursuing his true destiny, one that was forged in the turbulent yet miraculous circumstances of his birth.

“I was called to be Shemuwel before I was even born,” he says. “I was a near miscarriage two times, and originally the doctors said I’d be a girl.

“However, a Prophet visiting the church I was born into told to my Mother she would not be having a girl but a boy instead and that my name would be Samuel, and I’d be a Prophet and speak with God for the People. True story. So, I have always had an intensely spiritual connection to music.”

And so, The Warrior began to take its true form – not a being of darkness but of light, bringing forth a musical message to the people.

With a background in Gospel and Italian classical, SHEMUWEL’s distinct vocal style is heavily influenced by his training in Pop and refined songwriting sensibility. Yet genre is no boundary to SHEMUWEL, drawing from a deep well of inspiration that plumbs the depths of Gospel, Pop, R&B, EDM and more in search of the perfect vessel to carry his words.

A certified citizen of the globe, it is only right that SHEMUWEL is now part of the MADCAP Global family where his message can reach a new audience. SHEMUWEL will soon be releasing his new EP ‘DIARY OF A WARRIOR’ through MADCAP Global Music.

On ‘DIARY OF A WARRIOR’, SHEMUWEL holds up a shield to defend the oppressed from their assailants – be it bullies, racism, emotional and physical abuse or simply those who say it’s not worth having a dream – reflecting the gifted role of protector SHEMUWEL has played throughout his life, as a big brother, a veteran and now as a self-described cosmic warrior bearing his humanity to the world.

Featuring production credits from Guy DeGiacinto and collaborations with a legion of reinforcements, including Venezuelan artist PEDRO J on the track ‘Your Love’, channelling a breezy Reggaeton/Caribbean dance vibe.

The Warrior is coming and SHEMUWEL is on the rise – a new voice, defiant and strong. His voice is the word, and the word is SHEMUWEL.

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