NEWS: Shemuwel Releases Official Video For ‘Your Love’

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Words: Matt Innes

The dynamic Shemuwel takes the next step in his thus far incredible artistic journey with the release of the official video for his new single ‘Your Love’.

‘Your Love’ comes off Shemuwel’s forthcoming EP ‘Diary Of A Warrior’ and is just the tip of what is certain to be an iceberg of ‘titanic’ proportions.

Working in a creative team that included MADCAP Global Music Managing Director Stephen Morris and led by Hollywood top-gun director Keith Hobelman, Shemuwel has created a defining image of his identity as ‘The Warrior’.

It’s not all been smooth sailing for Shemuwel though, as he reveals this has been one of the toughest projects he’s had to complete in his whole life.

“You know, this music video specifically was saved by Keith,” Shemuwel explains.

“When we initially shot the video, the manager that I was working with was off in La La Land – literally running around Los Angeles – and so I ended up directing the shoot myself after flying everybody over to LA.

“Stephen and Keith agreed that I did a pretty good job, but the polishing was missing. Keith was able to take what I did and [make it] right,” he laughs, “and create that FIRE video!”

Shemuwel has been working closely with Stephen, who stepped into the role of Shemuwel’s manager after he signed with MADCAP Global Music. The resulting partnership, combining Shemuwel’s artistic drive with Stephen’s savvy business sense, has been something of a miracle.

“Having someone like Stephen Morris on my team makes this process so much fun,” Shemuwel says.

“He always reminds me to have fun, but it was impossible to have fun before because it was all on my shoulders. Now that I have this amazing manager who really believes in my music and it’s no longer on my shoulder and I can focus on the music and the music has gotten so much better. The quality of sound, the quality of visuals and the quality of my artistry is just at a much higher level than before.”

Shemuwel and Pedro J on-set.

Shemuwel and Pedro J on-set.

‘Your Love’ also features the talents of Pedro J. Fun fact: while shooting the rooftop scene with Shemuwel and Pedro, the LAPD buzzed by in their chopper to investigate the filming’s use of a drone.

MADCAP Global Music is proud to present ‘Your Love’ to the world and to be part of building Shemuwel’s career. For Shemuwel, the feeling is indeed mutual.

There’s no way to fulfil an artist other than to truly love and appreciate their art, and to show that love to the world,” he says.

“Now since the release, my video pops up places I don’t know by people I’ve never met. I just thank God for bringing me such an ace team.”

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