New Music: ‘Time & Place’ by Sunsoli

Image: Jordan Cortti

‘Time & Place’ is the new single from Central Coast indie outfit Sunsoli, reflecting a period of rebirth and renewal for the band.

Formerly known as The Sea Gypsies, the band have reinvented themselves as Sunsoli, a combination of ‘sun’ and ‘soil’ in a nod to their coastal roots and musical harmony.

Suitably, ‘Time and Place’ matches this development, with lead guitarist Dan Hoolihan combining with keyboardist Joseph Smith to write about the melting away of past anxieties and wrongdoings after the birth of his son.

“Time and Place is one of the last songs we wrote on the album,” they explain.

“It was actually one of Dan’s demo’s that we put to the side for years until we were looking for the right song to complete the album. Once Dan had refined the music and structure the rest of the song was basically written in a 40 minute drive to rehearsal one evening by Joe.

“Having a son recently felt like the missing piece of the puzzle for him. Any wrongdoings of the past, or anxieties he had, melted away since bringing that perfect little human into the world.”

Alongside ‘Time & Place’, the band are also excited to announce their debut, self-titled album as Sunsoli. The band worked intricately together to craft a record that explores how light can play with emotions, set a time and place, or evoke a sense of nostalgia.

‘Time & Place’ is out now. ‘Sunsoli’ album due 13 September. Visit Beehive PR for more about Sunsoli.

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