New Music: ‘Sleep Alone’ by Joan & The Giants

Image: Ashlyn Burley

‘Sleep Alone’ is the haunting new track from Joan & The Giants, showing the Perth alt-pop quartet at their most vulnerable.

Frontwoman Grace Newton-Wordsworth bares all on ‘Sleep Alone’, covering themes of longing, loneliness and unrequited love.

“I loved most of my childhood, but there were definitely some difficult times where I felt quite trapped in my body,” Grace explains.

“I grew up in a loving but intense Christian home and while I still hold onto a lot of the core kind values, there were some parts of my childhood experience that were incredibly suffocating. I spent years hiding my sexuality, and parts of myself that I still struggle to be open with.

“I feel like sometimes relationships can bring a lot of sadness to the surface of things you’ve been holding onto your whole life. When you finally meet someone who you open up to, a lot of wounds can be opened with that.”

Joan & The Giants worked with producer Dylan Ollivierre (Meg Mag, Tia Gostellow, Holy Holy) on ‘Sleep Alone’, with mixing by acclaimed engineer Ryan Mills and mastering by William Bowden.

Joan & The Giants have been captivating audiences with their distinctive brand of alternative-pop sound since 2019. The project blossomed from the longtime collaboration between Grace and Aaron Birch, who connected over their unique backgrounds and upbringings.

Grace grew up from on a farm with a strict Christian upbringing in South WA, unable to share her sexuality with her friends or family. Aaron Birch hails from a remote indigenous community in the Kimberley.

In ‘Sleep Alone’, Joan & The Giants have undoubtedly created an anthem for all those working through spurned feelings or despondency.

‘Sleep Alone’ is available now. Visit beehive pr for more about Joan & The Giants.

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