New Music: ‘Public Displays Of Deflection’ by 90ivy

Image: Gabrielle Clement @gxbriellemxry

Sydney indie rock quartet 90ivy have shared new single ‘Public Displays of Deflection’, the first taste of their forthcoming third EP.

A band known for writing ‘happy-sad songs for happy-sad people,’ 90ivy the complexity of relationships and the dangers of guarding your heart too much.

“Public Displays of Deflection is essentially about how hot and cold relationships can be when you’re so afraid to get hurt or be rejected,” the band say.

“[We’ve] learnt the hard way that being guarded doesn’t always protect you in the way you think it does.”

The new single showcases a new creative approach for 90ivy that reflects how they have matured as a songwriting unit over the past three-plus years, expanding beyond predetermined borders of genre.

“[This release] marks an important shift in 90ivy’s musical direction,” they say.

“We’re becoming more comfortable with leveraging experimental sounds and rhythms, going outside the usual checkpoints for our genre and staying true to each of our own musical influences.

“We’re excited to get the ball rolling on this new EP because we think our listeners will be pleasantly surprised with the raw authenticity of the new work and the uniqueness of the sound.”

‘Public Displays of Deflection’ is available now. Visit Beehive PR for more about 90ivy.

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