New Music: ‘Hide To Seek’, by Laura Misch

Image: Sian O’Gorman

UK multidisciplinary artist Laura Misch continues to tease her highly anticipated forthcoming album with her latest enchanting single ‘Hide To Seek’.

‘Hide To Seek’ is the next taste of Laura’s debut feature ‘Sample The Sky’ due in October. The song builds on the ethereal, dreamlike quality of the album established on previous single release ‘Portals’.

Lured by haunting saxophone, the listener is led further into the sonic world Laura is building on ‘Sample The Sky’ while exploring our connection to the natural world.

“The kind of elemental scope of the album really does expand between the earth and the sky,” Laura explains.

“The track is about desire and wanting someone to draw out parts of yourself that you’re hiding and how we’re all shaped by this interplay.

“The forest undergrowth feels like a perfect metaphor for the subconscious mind, and it’s a charged song. I imagined these mycelial threads leading the listener into the album world.”

Laura has emerged in recent years as one of the UK’s most captivating new artists with a unique and meticulous approach to her craft. This year has marked a new chapter for Laura as she prepares to unveil ‘Sample The Sky’.

“’Sample the Sky is an album that can be distilled as the feeling you have when you see the sky and you are in such awe that you feel compelled to photograph it and send it to someone,” she says, “the moments that feel so intimate and personal yet universal, un-ownable and ephemeral.”

‘Hide To Seek’ is available now. ‘Sample The Sky’ due 13 October. Visit Beehive PR for more about Laura Misch.

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