FROM THE ARCHIVE: Brian Wilson – Good & Bad Vibrations, 1988

A picture of Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys, singing into a microphone.

Welcome, music-loving reader, to the first in a series of long-form features on major artists retrieved from the archives of esteemed music journalist and vocalist for The Barracudas, Jeremy Gluck. Jeremy is the editor of SWND Magazine and a partner-in-crime at SWND Records with a steeped history in the music industry. MADCAP Global SWND (MGS)…

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FEATURE: Luke Gallagher – On The Wrong Side Of Nashville

Words: Matt Innes Legends aren’t born, they’re made, and Luke Gallagher has all the makings of a truly great guitarist. The Perth-based musician has been cultivating a keen online following, posting videos of his impressive guitar skills playing note-for-note renditions of solos by legendary country guitarists like Brent Mason, Brad Paisley and Travis Joy. Luke…

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FEATURE: Dee Dimmick – Hail To The Crew Chief

Words: Matt Innes No history of Australian roadies could ever be complete without mentioning the contributions of Dee Dimmick. Indeed, the Australian music industry we know today would not even exist. For the past 25 years, Dee has owned and operated All Access Crewing, a Brisbane-based company that provides the essential crews of riggers, stagehands…

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