ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Become What You Are’ The Daisycutters

‘Become What You Are’ is the album fans of seminal indie favourites The Daisycutters have been longing for.

It’s not hard to understand why The Daisycutters proclaim ‘Become What You Are’ to be their best work to-date. It’s an album that speaks for itself, definitively positioning The Daisycutters as respected craftsmen of song among their peers and admirers.

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Cameron Wilson has stated he would be perfectly happy if this were the last album the band ever made; fortunately, that’s not the case but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

In the here and now, ‘Become What You Are’ is the first album from The Daisycutters in 15 years. It was produced by Jeff Lovejoy, who encouraged the band to embrace inspiration and create on the fly, giving life to a record that has opened a new chapter for The Daisycutters.

The delicate piano dewdrops of instrumental opener ‘Saudade as destiny (intro)’ – performed by drummer Peter Nicholas – may initially mislead you but it subtly elucidates everything this album is about: yearning, desire, and the intoxicating pursuit to finish what you started.

The album proper begins with lead single ‘The longer we do this, the easier it will be’, an instant indie pop classic with all the ripping riffs, tight melodies and singable lyrics that fans of The Daisycutters should rightfully expect from the band. At heart, the song is an ode to The Daisycutters getting their groove back.

‘The Last Shake Of The Bag’ is the first song written for the band by bassist Giles Hammond. The thunder of drums muddled with insatiable ‘70s punk-infused guitar results in highly moshable energy and a chorus that demands to be sung at the top of your voice.

The Daisycutters undoubtedly possess a deft hand for songwriting, but let it never be said they don’t know their way around a good song title, a skill often bordering on literary whimsy.

Case in point, ‘It’s people like you that make me hate people like you’ – a frenetic guitar line paired with Wilson’s trademark sardonic turn of phrase gives this song an unmistakable edge.

It’s with ‘I’m not the one who just wants to be friends’ where the emotions start to get the better of us on this album. It’s a perfect pick for your taking a solitary night-time drive playlist where you sit back and let the music wash over you as the mindless landscape rolls by.

Clocking in at 11-plus minutes, ‘Sleeping with your ghost / here come the sleepless nights she brings’ is an epic offering from The Daisycutters. Strap in for a wild ride as they take you through the spectrum of feeling everything at once, including a psychedelic jam transitioning seamlessly to the song’s final act.

“If looks could kill, I’d be six feet under,” Wilson sings in ‘I’m tired. I’m leaving. Thanks for believing… Go…’. Well, if songs could kill, consider me a victim of first-degree murder by The Daisycutters. From the heart-wrenching strum of the opening chord to its swaying chorus and lead guitarist Kieran Clair’s soaring solo, the track possesses an enrapturing and unforgettable charm.

‘Become what you are (End Credits)’ provides a tidy bookend to the album, composed and performed again by Peter Nicholas, leaving listeners with a sense of closure.

As a body of work, ‘Become What You Are’ exemplifies what happens when bands and their label work hand in hand. Given the full support of MADCAP Global Music and Managing Director Stephen Morris, The Daisycutters were able to fully extend their creative wings, resulting in a deep, rich musical tapestry of a lifetime with the band acknowledging their influences and experiences.

‘Become What You Are’ is an album that aptly reflects the time in which it was made and the ideal snapshot of everything The Daisycutters have become over the past 25 years.

‘Become What You Are’ is available now via MADCAP Global Music, JB Hi-Fi and independent music retailers.

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