A Love Letter To Philadelphia by J Strong

A Love Letter To Philadelphia

-J Strong-

From the bottom of the ghetto to the million dollars homes, from Gino to Jim’s Steaks –

I love my city.

I can remember me and brother going to Armand’s Records to buy new music for our Friday & Saturday night $1 parties, then we’d hit the clothes for a few pieces. If you know about Philly, then you’ll know The Net, Dr Denim, & Distante’s were all the hot spots to buy clothes.

I love my city.

I still have the same feeling for my town now I had as a kid.

This is the birthplace of Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff, Eve, The Roots, Gamble & Huff, Bernard Hopkins, Kobe Bryant and Meek Mill, to name a few. If that’s not enough musical inspiration, then what is? As I cruise through Spring Garden Street all the way from Delaware Ave to Haverford Ave and see all the beautiful people out and about, I sit back and say:

I love my city.

Even though we sometimes face drama in our tougher communities, it’s what made me who I am today.

This is the town where all my inspirations have originated from, so I have the utmost respect for Philadelphia. When I tell you there are so many things to do here, that’s no lie; there are places here I still haven’t visited yet. It’s a small city but has lots of ground to cover: from the nightlife, to the Pier on Columbus Blvd.

I love my city


Just think: without Philadelphia there would be no J Strong, so chances are I wouldn’t have been able share my story with all my potential fans abroad. From Westside to Northeast, Southside to North – can’t forget about G-Town.

I love my city.


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