FEATURE: In Search Of The Welsh Connection

Words: Matt Innes Wales may not be the biggest of countries, yet for the longest of times it has punched far above its weight when it comes to producing music. The annals of music history are replete with contributions by the Welsh, particularly in the Celtic folk traditions. But in more recent times, Wales has…

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NEWS: Sleek The Elite Is Getting Back In Business

Sleek The Elite and Paul Fenech in 'Pat Pizza: Back In Business'. Image: Twitter

Words: Matt Innes Last year saw the return to our screens of beloved TV series ‘Fat Pizza’, and with it the return of iconic Australian rapper Sleek The Elite. Sleek The Elite is the real-life stage persona of rapper and producer Paul Nakad, who portrayed a hyper-realistic version of himself in the original series that…

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Artist Profile: Cutting Loose With Ray del Barrio

Words: Matt Innes When it comes to dancing in movies, Ray del Barrio has some of the most famous feet in show business. You may think you don’t know who Ray del Barrio is, but chances are you’ve seen his fancy footwork. In fact, Ray’s very first film gig was dancing in one of the…

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